in connection with the Philological Department of Voronezh State University

We invite you to study at our Summer School program of Russian
language and culture!

    In Voronezh from 2016 starts its annual Summer School of language and culture that is organized by the Philological Department of Voronezh State University. The Summer school opens its doors to foreign students studying Russian language and to those who want to improve their knowledge of Russian language and Russian culture.

Academic program

Russian language

Russian literature

Russian cultural linguistics

  • 60 academic hours
  • To date, participation in the Summer School program is tuition based.
  • Participation fee 25,000 

Included in the participation fee
of the Summer School are:

  • Accommodation and daily breakfast in the mini-hotel “Roof”
  • Academic courses and testing upon completion of the program
  • Participation in the cultural program of the Summer School

Upon completion of the Summer School course in Russian language and culture, participants will receive a certificate.

Mini-hotel “Roof”


Voronezh State University is among the leading universities of modern Russia and follows in the traditions of the Imperial University of Tartu. In 1918 the imperial University of Tartu was transported from Dorpat, Estonia to Black Earth Region (Voronezh Oblast). Even then the Historical-Philological Department laid the foundation for the development of the university’s humanitarian education and academic traditions in the region. Now, Voronezh State University is not only an establishment of higher education, but also a powerful cultural center as well as the focus of active youth in the city.


Voronezh - is the capital of the Black Earth Region and ancient land of Central Russia that is famous for its rich history and cultural life. Our city is associated with the names and fates of many writers and poets; Alexei Koltsov, Andrei Platonov, and Osip Mandelstam lived and worked in Voronezh…The open fields of the Black Earth Region have always inspired artist and composers; nurtured and blessed workers and researchers that constructed churches and monasteries. The history of the Voronezh region is inextricably linked with the history of Russian military glory and the majestic figure of Emperor Peter I, who is one of the symbols of our city.

Voronezh from time immemorial has been one of the places where dialects, melodies, customs of the North and South, and Slavic peoples and foreigners have met and mingled. All of the best from this vast heritage has been absorbed by the rich language and unique culture of the Voronezh region.

Cultural program

The study of Russian language is impossible without the close interaction with traditional and current Russian culture. Participants of the Summer School are offered evenings of music, workshops, exhibitions and museums in Voronezh, including the Voronezh State University museum.


Participants of the Summer School will travel through and become acquainted with the marvelous view of the Black Earth Voronezh region as well as the history and cultural traditions of the area-there are dozens of unusual places that always attract tourists.

Nature reserves and open-air museums:




Sacred places of the Black Earth Region:



Russian manor traditions:

Museum-Estate of Dmitry Venevitinov

Applications for participation in the Summer School program will be accepted until June 1 2016
at the following address:

 download application form

Voronezh State University


Phone number: (473) 220-83-53;
(473) 220-41-38


394006 Russia, Voronezh,
Lenin Sq., 10

Dean of the Philological Department

Professor, Doctor of Philological Sciences